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Men Against Saggy Pants?

Posted by Mary Carroll Sullivan | June 05, 2012 / 04:02pm | MidMorning-Show Notes
He may have said it in jest, but Lowndes County Supervisor Leroy Brooks said the best way to approach young men with saggy fashion is head-on, as in, "Would you please pull your pants up." Brooks, who admitted to wearing bell bottom pants in the 1970's, said "you can't police everything." The droopy drawers issue was a topic at the supervisors' meeting this week. Jeff Smith brought the issue to other supervisors' attention after concern from constituents. But, a possible ordinance against wearing saggy pants never made it to a vote. Supervisors Leroy Brooks and Harry Sanders both agreed that while wearing pants that sag may not make the most fashion sense - and, in fact, may be offensive to some people, it is not illegal.
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