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Road Work Ongoing in North Mississippi

Posted by Steve Rogers | March 30, 2010 / 01:03pm | Local News, Business

Providing a safe intermodal transportation network is the Mississippi Department of Transportation's (MDOT) number one goal.  As we continue to construct and maintain our highway system, below are project updates for your information in North Mississippi counties.

1)    Highway 30 Bypass in Prentiss County - This project is a grade, drain and bridge project from State Route 145 to State Route 30 east of Booneville, Miss.  This project was  awarded in November 2007 with a contract amount of $32,398,488.85 and was performed by Eutaw Construction Company.  This project is basically complete. 

2)    Highway 30 Bypass in Prentiss County - A project to pave this section and to perform grading and paving from SR 145 to US 45 and construct an interchange with bridges over US 45 has just begun.  This project was let in September 2009 and is projected to be completed near the end of June 2011.  The contract amount for this project is $19,114,742.42 and is being performed by Hill Brothers Construction Co..  Clearing has been completed and construction of the bridges over US 45 are approximately 5% complete.

3)    Highway 45 in Lowndes County - This project is a grade, drain, bridge and pave project on Highway 45 from four miles south of US 82 to US 82 in Lowndes Co., is underway and is approximately 30% complete.  This project was let in July 2009 with an expected completion date near December 2011.  This project is being performed by RaCon, Inc. and has a contract amount of $17,143,125.


4)    State Route 6 and State Route 145 in Lee County - This grade, drain and bridge project on relocated SR 6 from near the Natchez Trace Parkway to SR 145 south of Tupelo in Lee County, is underway and is approximately 43% complete.  This project was let in January 2009 with a projected completion date of December 2011.  The contractor is Hill Brothers Construction Co., Inc and has a contract amount of $29,296,176.  This section will complete grading work on SR 6 from SR 342 in Pontotoc County into Tupelo and a paving contract will follow the completion of the grading project to connect into south Tupelo.


5)    Safety Project in Lee County - This safety project to construct an interchange at Euclautubba Road and US 45 in Saltillo in Lee County is underway.  Clearing has been completed and earthwork has begun on the west side of the interchange.  Approximately 25% of the work has been completed.  The contract began in September 2009, with a contract amount of $6,970,647 and a projected completion date near the beginning of April 2011.


6)    Mill & Overlay Project on US 278/SR 6 in Panola County - This project is a mill and overlay project on US 278 and SR 6 from the Tallahatchie River through Batesville to Interstate 55.  Lehman Roberts Co., Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee was recently awarded a $3,279,373.38 contract for the mill and overlay of approximately 8 miles of US 278/SR 6.  Restrictive work hours are in place on this project due to the traffic patterns in Batesville.  The contractor is only allowed to work at night between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. on Monday thru Friday in the area between I-55 to Bates Street.  Working at night will reduce the inconvenience to the travelling public through town and increase the safety for motorists, contractor employees and MDOT employees.  Restrictive work hours are also in place from Bates Street to Hwy 35 to reduce congestion during peak commuter-hours.  This area will be restricted on Monday thru Friday to working between 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  This project is scheduled for completion June 15, 2010.  Daytime work began on March 15 in the area outside the urban limits.  Nighttime work can not begin until temperatures warm above the mid-50s at night due to contract specifications for the placement of asphalt.  Jon Hobson is the Project Engineer.

7)    Highway 43 in Attala County - This project is for widening existing Highway 43 in Kosciusko in Attala County.  Malouf Construction is currently working on Phase I of a multiple phase project to widen existing two-lane Highway 43 into 3-lane and 5-lane sections in Kosciusko, which includes approximately 1/3 of a mile on the south end of project.  Clearing and grubbing operations are complete and the contractor is currently installing drainage structures.  Earthwork operations will resume as the weather permits.  Joel Bridges is the Project Engineer. 


8)    I-55 Rest Area in Carroll County - This project is for site improvements at the I-55 Rest Area in Carroll County.  Hemphill Construction Company of Florence, MS was awarded an ARRA project for making site improvements to the I-55 Rest Area near Vaiden.  The project will increase handicap accessibility by installing sidewalks, ramps and handicap accessible tables.  Also, safety will be enhanced by removing shrubs which will provide better visibility for security guards.  Construction of most of the sidewalks has been completed and many of the new trees have been planted. The Rest Area will remain closed while various other items of work are completed.  The project is scheduled for completion July 12, 2010.  Joel Bridges is Project Engineer of the $158,188.50 project. 


9)    Highway 51 in Tate County - This project is for widening of existing Highway 51 in Tate County.  Tanner Construction Co. of Ellisville, MS was recently awarded an ARRA project including grading, drainage and bridge work to add two additional lanes on Highway 51 between Senatobia and Coldwater.  The $17,392,383.11 project has a completion date of February 1, 2012.  Brian Copeland of the Senatobia Project Office is overseeing this project.  Clearing and grubbing operations, as well as filter material placement, have been underway since early October.  Construction has also begun on one of the six bridge sites.  Earthwork operations are dependent on the weather at this time. 


10)    Traffic Management Center in Desoto County - This project is for construction of a Traffic Management Center in Desoto County which is nearing completion at this time.  Utilipath LLC out of North Carolina was awarded the contract worth $683,903.76 to complete the work by January 28, 2010.  In addition to installing the management center, the contractor constructed a support structure and installed a Dynamic Messaging Board over the northbound lane of I-55 between Goodman Road and Stateline Road.  This sign can be controlled by the Southaven Police Department or MDOT personnel in Jackson, MS to alert motorists of traffic conditions, Amber Alerts, emergency situations, etc.  The required six-month testing period of the Dynamic Messaging Board is expected to be complete by the end of May and the system can then be put into normal operation shortly thereafter.  Brian Copeland is the Project Engineer overseeing the construction.


11)    I-55 in Desoto County - Work is still scheduled to be complete by October 30, 2010 on an $8,669,766.76 project to mill and overlay I-55 between 2.3 miles north of the Tate/Desoto County line to just south of Goodman Road.  This project is being completed by Lehman-Roberts Co. of Memphis, TN.  Lane closure restrictions were included in the contract to reduce traffic congestion and increase worker safety.  Lane Closure restrictions include no work during the day or on weekends on the portion between New SR 304 and SR 302 and restricted work hours coinciding with peak commute times between SR 306 and New SR 304.  In addition to the mill and overlay work, an automatic traffic recorder will be installed under the contract, which will allow MDOT personnel to monitor traffic counts on the Interstate.  Lehman Roberts will also mill and overlay the truck scales and northbound Rest Area under this contract.  Brian Copeland in the Senatobia Project Office is overseeing construction of this project.  The project is ahead of schedule with all paving operations south of I-69 completed.  Paving work has not begun between Church Road and Goodman Road yet but that work will be completed at nighttime as weather conditions allow. 


12)    Bridge Replacement on SR 32 in Yalobusha County (ARRA) - This project is for bridge replacement work that is well-underway on the ARRA project recently awarded to Glasgow Construction Company, Inc. in Yalobusha county.  This project includes replacing nine bridges or box culverts on SR 32 from Water Valley to SR 330 and uses temporary road-closures, detour roads, and realignments of the existing road in order to replace the existing structures.  Work has been completed at four of the six box culvert sites.  One permanent bridge is under construction and one temporary bridge has been constructed for use as a detour.  The project cost is $5,641,609.90 and is expected to be completed in February of 2011.  Jon Hobson is the project Engineer. 


13)    Lighting Installation on Interstate 55 at SR 35 Intersection - Jon Hobson of Batesville is the Project Engineer overseeing work being completed by B & B Electrical & Utility Contractors, Inc., of Brandon, MS to install high mast and low mast lighting on Interstate 55 at the North Batesville Exit in Panola County.  The $300,559.00 project is nearing completion.  The high and low mast lights have been installed and the required 14-day "burn-in" period is expected to begin on Thursday, March 18.  The "burn-in" period is a time during which the lights are put into operation and observed to ensure that they are functioning properly. 


14)    Delma Furniss Hospitality Station Site Improvements (ARRA) - The Delma Furniss Hospitality Station at the Intersection of US 49 and US 61 is being upgraded for the additional convenience of the traveling public.  The addition of four picnic pavilions and a walking trail will greatly improve the usability of the Hospitality Station.  The sidewalk construction is well-underway and work has begun on the picnic pavilions.  The total project cost is $251,260.40 and the completion date is scheduled to be September 14, 2010.  Jon Hobson is the Project Engineer overseeing the work.  Ralph McKnight & Son Construction, Inc. of Kosciusko, MS is the Prime Contractor.


15) Desoto County Rest Area-Northbound I-55 Desoto County (ARRA) - District Two is pleased to announce the award of an ARRA project to provide needed upgrades to the Desoto County Rest Area on Northbound I-55 near the Mississippi/Tennessee State line.  This project will provide for landscaping, connecting to local city sewer, lighting installation, replacing picnic tables with ADA accessible versions and other site improvements.  The project was awarded to Hemphill Construction Company, Inc. out of Florence, MS at a cost of $1,142,040.90.  Jon Hobson is overseeing the construction, which is scheduled for completion by October 15, 2010.  The Rest Area has been closed to the public so that demolition work could begin on March 15.  It is anticipated that the Rest Area will be closed to the public for the duration of construction. 


16) Bridge Replacement on Highway 305 in Desoto County (ARRA) - Substantial progress has already been made on another ARRA project which was recently awarded in District Two.  This project is to replace four bridges and to overlay the 1.3 mile section of Highway 305 in Desoto County.  Construction will include realigning the roadway at three of the bridge sites and constructing a detour road and bridge at the remaining site.  In addition to on-going clearing and grubbing operations, construction of the embankment for the roadway and the detour road has begun.  Construction of two of the four bridges has also started and are steadily progressing and much of the foundation work has been completed at this time.  Construction of the detour bridge at one site is expected to begin soon.  The $7,260,958.09 project is scheduled for completion on August 3, 2011.  Brian Childs is the Project Engineer and Talbot Brothers Construction and Grading, Inc. is the Prime Contractor.


17)  Bridge Replacement on Highway 331 in Lafayette County(ARRA) - Talbot Brothers Construction and Grading, Inc. of Nesbit, MS is approximately 50% complete with one of the first ARRA projects awarded in District Two.  This project is located in Lafayette County and includes replacing three bridges on realigned portions of Hwy 331.  All clearing and grubbing has been completed, although earthwork has been delayed because of a wet fall.  Work has begun on all three bridges and each bridge is in various stages of completion of the foundations.  The contractor is now working on the bridge decks for all three bridges and earthwork operations are all weather dependant.  The scheduled completion is April 8, 2011.  Frank Powell is the Project Engineer.

For the most up-to-date information in your area, please visit and sign up for your traffic alerts.  Also, visit to get the latest traffic information from on your mobile device. MDOT advises the public to pull off the road to a safe location if you need to check the website while driving. MDOT's number one concern is the safety of the traveling public.

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